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S13H & S38Z High Pressure Fan Series

Sets the benchmark in high pressure fan performance!

The high pressure blade profiles S13H and S38Z bring a whole new dimension of capable fans into the mix! The most prominent advantages of the S13H and S38Z fans include very high pressure and airflow, optimized for high resistance cooling packages in puller configuration. A high proportion of diagonal airflow effectively moves the air around the engine instead of against the engine. Their compact and light weight designs are ideal for engine bays with limited space.

Ideal for heavy duty machinery

Whenever there is limited space between the engine and the radiator - the S13 & S38 might be just the profiles you need! More and more applications require high cooling performances at high pressures with engine bays evolving into compact and high pressured chambers. The unique airflow contour of the high pressure blade profiles is specifically designed to excel in these conditions.

Performance comparison to different profiles

The S13H and S38Z dramatically elevate the pressure capabilities of their respective hub classes while maintaining minimum space requirements.

Achieve up to 50% higher static pressure than comparable fans equipped with S4 and K6 profiles!

Representative simulation at 1500rpm, 650mm fan diameter and 1% tip clearance for 8-bladed fan: S38 (green), S4 (blue) and K6 (red)

S13H Technical data:

Root system H
Recommended diameter range 240-658mm
Rotation direction L
Available material PAG


Available diameter ranges

Hub size 3 6 8 10 10-202* 11* 12 14
min. diameter [mm] 484 513 550 588 618 662 622 658
max. diameter [mm] 484 513 550 588 618 662 622 658

*Hubs designed for assembly on clutches


S38Z Technical data:

Root system Z
Recommended diameter range 320-850mm
Rotation direction L
Available material PAG


Available diameter ranges

Hub size 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 16
min. diameter [mm] 491 491 458 491 496 573 509 590 685
max. diameter [mm] 748 748 715 748 753 830 766 847 942


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